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CR Surfacing Laboratories is a proud Supply Partner to ProVision

Glenn Oakes

It is our great pleasure to announce that CR Surfacing Laboratories is now a proud Supply Partner to ProVision, effective as of Wednesday, the 1st March 2017.

ProVision is Australia’s largest network of professional independent optometrists with almost 450 members nationally. ProVision is dedicated to growing member’s business in a way that enables them to retain their independence and deliver high quality eye care to their communities.

CR Surfacing Laboratories is fully committed to the success of independent optics in Australia and New Zealand. Our whole business derives from the support of our customers, which allows us to reinvest in the best people and technologies that provide superior quality lenses and service.

Working together with ProVision we will ensure that the introduction of our goods and services to prospective members is managed in a professional and sustainable manner. This will ensure that our current service levels to our existing loyal customers are not compromised and will provide a secure foundation for new business coming in.

The team at CR Surfacing Laboratories are super excited with the opportunity of working with a professional organisation such as ProVision and its members. We look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship for now and into the future.     

CR Surfacing Laboratories Responds to Essilor/Luxottica Merger

Glenn Oakes

To Our Valued Customers,

Over the past 40 years, CR Surfacing Laboratories has been dedicated to supporting Independent Optics in Australia and New Zealand. Our focus has always been to provide our customers with the very best service, quality and the latest in cutting edge technologies.  This is vitally important to us, as our sole income, growth and future investment derives exclusively from the industry we support.

On Monday 16th January 2017, the announcement of a merger between Italian frame manufacturer Luxottica and French lens manufacturer Essilor International, has certainly caught everybody by surprise. Whilst the figures may vary, it is estimated that the 46-billion-euro deal will see the emergence of a global eyewear powerhouse with the annual revenue of more than 15 billion euros.

It is without a doubt, this is the largest merger of its type in the history of Optics globally and the realisation of its enormity will resinate for many years to come.

A merger of this type is a reminder to all of us Independent Suppliers and Retailers the value of supporting likeminded businesses. The value of personal business information and data should always be held in the highest regard, as it forms the greatest percentage of our goodwill. Evaluate your current systems and processes and ensure that any sharing of data is used to enhance and grow your business, not be turned around and used against you.

CR Surfacing Laboratories is proud of the fact that we have always remained ethical to the profession we support. The changing winds of business will prevail and a clear line will be drawn in the sand between the Independents and Corporates. Our choice will always be Independent, as it supports and promotes Australian and New Zealand Jobs with every dollar reinvested back into our local economies to provide a stronger future for generations to come.

To our loyal customers, we thank you for your continued support and have comfort in the thought that we highly value our relationships and look forward to a stronger and brighter future working together.


Adam Fletcher
Managing Director
CR Surfacing Laboratorie



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