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CR Surfacing Laboratories is an independant laboratory, capable of providing for all of your optical needs.

Our full service Rx Laboratory can assist with all of your production requirements, including tinting, fitting and coating. And through our technology investments we can offer integrated ordering through your practice management software and order tracking within our laboratory.


CR Surfacing Laboratories has a state of the art fitting department, now featuring the MEI Bisphera XDD - TBA fully automatic lens edging system, which is the most technically advanced lens edging available anywhere in the world.

In conjunction with RX Connect all your fitting needs are covered.


Rx Connect is the most advanced online ordering system and is the quickest and most efficient way to order your lenses from CR Surfacing Laboratories. This easy to use Windows based program allows you to transmit orders 24 hours a day and orders are processed immediately within our laboratory system. You also have the added benefit of remote edging which is processed on our new fully robotic MEI edging machine that is the most precise and accurate edging machine available. Rx Connect can also be integrated with Optomate and Sunnix practice management programs which will further enhance and streamline your practice.


CR Surfacing Laboratories tint division has one of the largest Color sample ranges. The unique chemical structure of the tints we use makes them more stable and reduces tinting fade. The tint molecules bond to the lens and becomes part of the lens structure. The lens actually cures in the tinting process and has a more scratch resistant surface. With a keen eye from detail, our tinting department will accurately match any sample to the required color and density.


At CR Surfacing Laboratories, we are proud to offer the latest in Coating Technologies. Our coating plant incorporates the world's best practice in both scientific equipment and quality of materials in our endeavour to offer our clients the best performing and most reliable coatings on the market.
SATIN UV - Our AR Coating is an index matched, dual compaction coating which ensures long term reliability.