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Designed for today's busy work environment, the Signature Professional maximizes both intermediate and near visual zones without compromising distance viewing. The Signature Professional is a slightly harder design free form, with reduced blending this provides the wearer with instantaneous, sharp clear vision.


Our most popular design, the Signature Versatile is the ultimate for all round performance. Specifically designed for everyday use, the Signature Versatile is a beautifully blended soft design free form, which is digitally enhanced to provide the wearer with clear and natural vision at all times.


This unique lifestyle design was created with the great outdoors in mind. The Signature Outdoor offers distortion free distance viewing with a reduced but usable intermediate and near zone. Combined with the right material choice (i.e. Nu-Polar Polarized), the Signature Outdoor is the ideal solution for driving, sports and all outdoor leisure activities.


The Signature I.T. is the next generation occupational lens delivering unparalleled near vision performance in both office and classroom environments. The proprietary design of the Signature I.T. gives the practitioner the freedom to prescribe the correct amount of digressional power to suit and customize to the individual needs of the patient.


Visual fatigue is becoming a common problem and effects more and more people every day. Symptoms include; drowsiness, headaches, blurred vision and eyes that feel sore and heavy. The Signature Anti-Fatigue is a specially formulated free form lens, specifically designed to give relief to hard working eyes. Optimal aspherisation and a slight additional plus power at near vision offer the wearer easy adaption and instant relief.


The most technically advanced single vision lens available. The Signature Optomized SV provides superior quality optics by utilizing enhanced digital free form technologies which provide clearer, wider fields of view that are totally distortion free. You will also appreciate the cosmetic advantages of lenses which are thinner, lighter and flatter.